Winery and Vineyard Tours

grapes-on-vineStart your wine tasting experience with a little more knowledge of what is in the wine you are drinking, how it was made, and where it came from. Enjoy chatting with the knowledgeable winery staff who can answer all of your unanswered questions regarding the world of wine. We can include vineyards, caves, and wineries on this tour. It will really make you appreciate every sip from your glass once you learn how much is involved with the wine making process.


Other Information

* Tasting fees are not included in our rate, each winery has a different policy regarding tasting fees and we are happy to go over if they waive fees or not.
*$200 cancellation policy upon booking. The card on file will be charged $200 if you cancel any time after you are booked
*If you cancel within 2 weeks of your tour your card will be charged for the FULL amount of the tour at the hourly rate and the minimum number of hours for that day
*Confirmed pick up time can not be changed the day of the wine tour

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